What Is Another Word For Given?

What are synonyms for given?

Synonyms foraccustomed.addicted.disposed.habituated.inclined.obsessed.apt.liable..

What does it mean to say something is a given?

Chosen by Votes. Hello Tatyana, “It’s a given” or “that’s a given” means that a basic fact that you accept as being true. it is a sure thing that you don’t need to prove it.

What is the definition of experience?

: the process of doing and seeing things and of having things happen to you. : skill or knowledge that you get by doing something. : the length of time that you have spent doing something (such as a particular job)

What can I use instead of used to?

In this page you can discover 8 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for used-to, like: accustomed to, habituated to, familiar with, wont to, comfortable with, in the habit of, acclimated and use.

What is another way to say used to?

What is another word for used to?habituatedaccustomedgivenwontin the habit ofinclinedliablefamiliaradjustedacquainted41 more rows

What bestow means?

verb (used with object) to present as a gift; give; confer (usually followed by on or upon): The trophy was bestowed upon the winner. to put to some use; apply: Time spent in study is time well bestowed. Archaic.

What can we use instead of used to?

Using ‘would’ instead of ‘used to’ We use ‘would’ when we want to talk about how often a past habit happenened. It can have the same meaning as ‘used to’. For example: ‘I used to go swimming twice a week.

What is another word for experience?

Synonyms forcontact.involvement.maturity.patience.practice.training.understanding.wisdom.

What is another word for received?

What is another word for received?commoncustomarybackedappropriateprovenpermittedcertifiedcertainsupportedchosen105 more rows

What is the opposite of receive?

What is the opposite of receive?refusedeclinerejectdismissrebuffturn downdenyrenouncerepudiatebypass3 more rows

How do you use bestow?

Bestow sentence examplesIt is a big honor to bestow on a person. … He was ever ready to take blame on himself and bestow praise on others. … I would ask that you bestow defenses upon them to thwart his inevitable attack. … “I bestow it with pleasure,” said Napoleon. … With this act we bestow upon any honorary member the right to vote on any matter.More items…

What is the synonym of bestow?

SYNONYMS. confer on, present to, award to, give, grant, vouchsafe, accord to, afford to. vest in, invest in. bequeath to, donate to. allot to, assign to, consign to, apportion to, distribute to, impart to, entrust to, commit to.

What does accrue mean?

to accumulate over timeTo accrue means to accumulate over time—most commonly used when referring to the interest, income, or expenses of an individual or business. Interest in a savings account, for example, accrues over time, such that the total amount in that account grows.

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