What Does It Mean To Follow Someone Blindly?

What is a strict person called?



controlling everything and forcing people to obey strict rules and laws..

What does recklessly mean?

adjective. utterly unconcerned about the consequences of some action; without caution; careless (usually followed by of): to be reckless of danger. characterized by or proceeding from such carelessness: reckless extravagance.

What do you call someone who follows orders?

You can call that person a conformist. A person who uncritically or habitually conforms to the customs, rules, or styles of a group.

How do you secretly follow someone?

To follow someone – thesaurusfollow. verb. to walk, drive etc closely behind someone in order to watch them.shadow. verb. to follow someone wherever they go, especially secretly.track. verb. … tail. verb. … hound. verb. … stalk. verb. … stick to. phrasal verb. … trail. verb.More items…

What is a word for coming after?

Alternate Synonyms for “come after”: follow; result; ensue.

What does blind follower mean?

2 usually foll by: to unable or unwilling to understand or discern. 3 not based on evidence or determined by reason. blind hatred.

What is the word for following someone?

shadow, trail, pursue, chase, stalk, hunt, track, dog, hound, course. give chase to, be hot on someone’s heels. informal tail.

What’s another word for blindly?

Blindly Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for blindly?aimlesslywildlyfranticallymadlyinstinctivelyconfusedlypurposelesslyindiscriminatelyat randompell-mell26 more rows

What does it mean when someone follows you around?

1. (follow someone around/about) to follow someone wherever they go, especially in a way that annoys them.

What does it mean to follow orders?

To act in accordance with the instructions that one has been given. Ma’am, I’m not trying to be rude, I’m just following orders from my superior—we need to search this property.

What is it called when you dont follow orders?

Filters. The definition of insubordinate is someone who is not submissive to authority or that is not following orders. When you talk back to your boss and refuse to do what he has asked you to, this is an example of when you are insubordinate.

What is it called when you follow someone blindly?

While not a noun, the term knee-jerk is often applied to the category descriptor to demonstrate blind allegiance. (Of a person) responding in an automatic and unthinking way: knee-jerk radicals. [ODO] Possibly partisan.

What is the opposite word of blind?

Antonyms: sighted, clear-sighted, sharp-sighted, hawk-eyed, lynx-eyed, seeing, quick-sighted, argus-eyed, perceptive, rational, keen-sighted, sharp-eyed.

What is another word for unknowingly?

In this page you can discover 16 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unknowing, like: oblivious, unaware, in-the-dark, unconscious, ignorant, unknowledgeable, unenlightened, unfamiliar, unwitting, unknowingness and innocent.