Quick Answer: Who Is The Chairman Of Shriram Transport Finance Company?

How many types of chits are there?

three typesThere are three types of chit funds in India.

Chit Funds run by State Government – These type of chit funds are run by state governments.

These types of chit fund are completely transparent.

Kerala State Financial Enterprise and Mysore Sales International Limited are examples of these type of chit funds..

What is the minimum period of STFC Rd?

12 monthsYou can open a recurring deposit with the Company for a minimum tenure of 12 months to maximum tenure of 60 months.

What does FAAA rating mean?

Description. FAAA (“F Triple A”) Highest Safety. This rating indicates that the degree of safety regarding timely payment of interest and principal is very strong. FAA (“F Double A”) High Safety. This rating indicates that the degree of safety regarding timely payment of interest and principal is strong.

Who is the CEO of Shriram Transport Finance?

Umesh G. Revankar (Oct 26, 2016–)Shriram Transport Finance Company/CEO

What is the live customer base of STFC currently?

It has PAN India presence with 1,585 branch offices. Based at Mumbai, it manges asset over 106,300 crores and has a live customer base of app. 20.5 lacs.

Is Shriram Transport Finance safe?

4) Shriram Transport FD has a highest credit rating of “FAAA/Stable” by CRISIL that indicates a high degree of safety. These are also rated as “MAA+/with stable outlook” by ICRA, which indicates the high credit quality of the investment. 5) You can open this FD online and renew it online.

Why Shriram Transport Finance is down?

Although the fall in profits is largely due to a sharp spike in provisions that were at Rs 11,287 crore, the 2.6% on-year fall in operating profits is a cause of worry. Shriram Transport Finance collected money from 84% of its customers in March. The number came down to 23% in April before surging 52% in May.

Who is the owner of Usha?

Usha International Limited is one of India’s leading consumer durable manufacturing and marketing companies since 1934. The group was incorporated by Lala Shriram, great grandfather of company current Executive Chairman Mr.

How can I check my Shriram Finance loan status?

To know the status of your personal loan offline, you will have to get in touch with the customer care team of Shriram City Union Finance through the following ways: You can call on the toll-free number 1800-103-6369.

What is the size proposed right issue of STFC equity shares?

The firm’s securities issuance committee in its meeting on Monday approved the rights issue of equity shares of a face value of Rs 10 each for an amount not exceeding Rs 1,500 crore, STFC said in a regulatory filing.

How many companies are there in Shriram group?

Ltd and Shriram EPC Ltd, besides unlisted entities including its insurance businesses. Shriram Group has an overall customer base of around 19 million, over 75,000 employees across 3,800 branches, with assets under management (AUM) in excess of ₹1.5 trillion.

Who is the founder of Shriram group?

R. ThyagarajanShriram Group/Founders