Quick Answer: Who Is The Chairman Of Shriram Group?

How many years did Lord Rama live?

Lord Rama ruled the kingdom of Ayodhya for eleven thousand years..

Is Shriram Transport FD safe?

The Shriram Transport Finance Company fixed deposits are rated FAAA / Stable by CRISIL, indicating high degree of safety and ‘MAA+ / with Stable Outlook’ by ICRA indicating high credit quality. … The minimum amount of investment is Rs 5000 for cumulative deposit and Rs 10,000 for non-cumulative deposit.

How did God Ram die?

In these revisions, the death of Sita leads Rama to drown himself. Through death, he joins her in afterlife. Rama dying by drowning himself is found in the Myanmar version of Rama’s life story called Thiri Rama.

At what age Ram died?

At the time of war Rama killed Ravana by the end of 14 years and returned back to Ayodha directly from Lanka on Pushpaka. So by the time Rama killed Ravana, he would be at 42 years old. Though Rama ruled the kingdom for 11 thousand years, the first 42 years of his life was full of miseries and adventures.

How did Sita died?

When Rama finds a sketch of Ravana that Sita has drawn, tricked by a demon, he orders Sita taken and killed. The gods, however, protect Sita so that she falls limp as if dead, but really is not.

Who is the foreign partner of Shriram Life Insurance?

Sanlam Life Insurance Ltd is one of the largest providers of life insurance in South Africa with 3.2 million individual policies under administration. It has a significant presence across South Africa, the UK and Namibia. It has a 26 per cent stake in the holding company, Shriram Capital.

Which bank gives best interest on FD?

Fixed Deposit Interest Rates 2020BanksFD Interest RatesTenureHDFC3.00% – 6.25%7 days to 10 yearsPNB Housing Finance7.20% – 8.00%12 months to 120 monthsICICI Bank3.25% – 6.25%7 days to 10 yearsAxis Bank3.50% – 6.75%7 days to 10 years3 more rows

Who is the CEO of Shriram Finance?

Umesh G. Revankar (Oct 26, 2016–)Shriram Transport Finance Company/CEO

Who is the chairman of Shriram Transport Finance Company?

PREMARKETManagementPuneet BhatiaDirectorS LakshminarayananChairman(NonExe.&Ind.Director)S SridharIndependent DirectorUmesh RevankarCEO10 more rows

Who is the HR head of STFC?

Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited top contactsNameJob Title/DesignationEmailSanjeev SinhaVice Presidentxxxx@stfc.inSunder SExecutive Directorxxxx@stfc.inUmesh KpFinance Executivexxxx@stfc.inGanesh AHead Hrxxxx@stfc.in3 more rows

Which company FD is best?

Top 10 High-paying Interest Rates FD CompanysTop 10 Company FD ratesCompanyCRISIL/ICRA RatingMaximum FD rate(per annum)Mahindra Finance Ltd.CRISIL FAAA6.45%Shriram Transport Finance LtdCRISIL FAAA8.40%Shriram City Union Finance LtdICRA MAA+8.40%4 more rows

Which company is best for fixed deposit?

Bajaj Finance LtdInvest in Company Fixed Deposits – Start HereINTEREST ( % )COMPANYRATING1 YEARBajaj Finance LtdFAAA By CRISIL, MAAA By ICRA6.90Bajaj Finance Ltd NRI Fixed DepositFAAA By CRISIL, MAAA By ICRA6.90Bajaj Finance Ltd Renewal DepositFAAA By CRISIL, MAAA By ICRA7.008 more rows

Who is the owner of Shriram group?

ThyagarajanR. Thyagarajan is an industrialist and founder of Chennai-based Shriram Group, a financial services conglomerate. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan, India’s third highest civilian award, in 2013 in the field of trade and industry.