Quick Answer: Which Type Of Mutual Fund Gives Highest Return?

Which mutual fund is best to invest now?

Top 10 Equity Mutual FundsFund NameCategory1Y ReturnsQuant Large and Mid Cap FundEquity19.6%UTI Transportation and Logistics FundEquity12.0%Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip FundEquity17.1%SBI Focused Equity FundEquity9.5%12 more rows.

Which mutual fund is best for 2020?

SynopsisScheme namePercentage (%)Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund- Regular Plan -G35ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund – G35SBI Magnum Multicap – G10Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund- Regular Plan -G309 more rows•Aug 19, 2020

How Good is axis Bluechip fund?

The Axis Bluechip Fund Direct Plan Growth is rated Moderately High risk….1. Risk-adjusted returns are lower compared to the category.Fund NameReturns 3YAxis Bluechip Fund5star10.0%HSBC Large Cap Equity Fund4star3.4%ICICI Prudential Bluechip Equity Fund4star3.9%2 more rows

What is blue chip stocks India?

Home Mutual Fund Blue Chip Stocks: Meaning, Price, Funds List in India. Blue Chip Stocks refer to shares of companies with large market capitalization (Blue chip Companies). These companies are relatively less sensitive to market fluctuations compared to Mid Cap and Small Cap companies.

How can I get maximum return from mutual fund?

1) Invest through SIP: Best way to invest in mutual funds is investing through SIP every month. Each small amount invested through mutual fund every month would create a good amount over a period of time.

What is the riskiest mutual fund?

Top 10 High Risk Mutual FundsFund NameCategoryRiskDSP Natural Resources and New Energy FundEquityHighAditya Birla Sun Life India GenNext FundEquityHighUTI Transportation and Logistics FundEquityHighICICI Prudential Technology FundEquityHigh7 more rows

Which SIP is best for 5 years?

Best SIP plans for 5 year investmentFund Name3-Year SIP Returns (%)5-Year SIP Returns (%)Kotak Emerging Equities Fund (Regular)6.54%9.73%INVESCO India Financial Services Fund (Regular)14.61%16.03%SBI Focused Equity Fund (Regular)12.40%12.94%Franklin Build India Fund (Regular)4.66%8.07%8 more rows•Jan 23, 2020

Which is better mutual fund or FD?

A Fixed Deposit offers pre-decided returns which do not change throughout the tenure of investments whereas Mutual Funds offer better returns on long-term investments as they are market-linked. Longer the tenure of investment, better the returns from Mutual Funds.

Why is SIP bad?

Your investments, including SIPs, are linked to your financial goals. An SIP into equity funds allows accumulating the required sum of money for the goal over the time available. … But this can be risky because you may be struck in the investment if markets were to decline leaving you unable to fund your goals.

Which mutual fund gives highest return in India?

Top 10 Large Cap Equity FundsFund Name1-Year Returns3-Year ReturnsAxis Bluechip Dir25.5420.47Sundaram Select Focus Dir20.2815.65Canara Robeco Bluechip Eqt Dir24.0815.45HDFC Index Sensex Dir15.9414.496 more rows

What is Blue Chip Fund?

A Blue chip fund is a term used to indicate well-established and financially sound companies. Blue chip funds invest in stocks of those companies that have a credible track record with sound financials along with regular dividend payments and profitability over the years.

Which Blue Chip Fund is best?

Top 10 Large Cap Mutual FundsFund NameCategory1Y ReturnsAxis Bluechip FundEquity9.7%Mirae Asset Large Cap FundEquity9.7%Canara Robeco Bluechip Equity FundEquity18.3%Kotak Bluechip FundEquity11.8%12 more rows

What are the top 5 mutual funds?

Large-Company Stock Funds – 5 yearsFUND NAMESYMBOL5-YR RETURNMorgan Stanley Multi Cap Growth ACPOAX26.67%Morgan Stanley Instl Growth Portfolio AMSEGX23.68RidgeWorth Aggressive Growth Stock ASAGAX23.49Transamerica Capital Growth AIALAX23.16 more rows

What is Axis Bluechip fund growth?

The Scheme is an open-ended equity scheme predominantly investing in large cap stock. The investment objective of the Scheme is to achieve long term capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio predominantly consisting of equity and equity related securities of Large Cap companies including derivatives.