Quick Answer: What Is The Synonym Of Shared?

What’s another word for sent?

What is another word for sent?shippedappointedcommissionedcommittedconsigneddelegateddirecteddischargeddispatchedemitted4 more rows.

What is sharing caring?

Sharing is caring means that if you share with that person, you actually care for the person. For example, food. You share food with another person because you don’t want that person to get hungry.

What are synonyms for in common?

communal, conjoint, general, joint, mutual, public.

What is another word for given?

“She was not often given to anger.” “The number of accidents at this spot in a given period.”…What is another word for given?inclinedproneaptliabledisposedlikelypredisposedinuredtendingaddicted53 more rows

What is the importance of sharing?

Why sharing is important Sharing teaches children about compromise and fairness. They learn that if we give a little to others, we can get some of what we want as well. Children who share also learn how to take turns and negotiate, and how to cope with disappointment. These are all important life skills.

What is another word for sharing information?

What is another word for information sharing?data sharingknowledge exchangecommunicationexchange

What another word for could?

What is another word for could?wouldcancould perhapscould potentiallymight possiblymight potentiallypotentially willmay potentiallycould possiblymay actually4 more rows

What is an example of sharing?

Sharing is distributing, or letting someone else use your portion of something. An example of sharing is two children playing nicely together with a truck. (1) See Internet sharing and sharenting.

What is another word for most common?

What is another word for most common?typicalnormalcommondailygeneralstereotypicaltraditionalusualeverydayhabitual159 more rows

What is the meaning of in common?

When you and another person have a similar interest, fear, friend, or wish — anything at all, really — you have that thing in common. To have something in common with another person forms a connection between the two of you, something you share equally.

What is the best synonym for ubiquitous?

Synonyms for ubiquitouseverywhere.omnipresent.pervasive.universal.all-over.ubiquitary.wall-to-wall.

What bestow means?

to present as a gift; give; confer (usually followed by on or upon): The trophy was bestowed upon the winner. to put to some use; apply: Time spent in study is time well bestowed. Archaic.

What is the meaning of shared?

owned, divided, felt, or experienced by more than one person: The company is in shared ownership. She and her husband have many shared interests.

What is another word for granted?

What is another word for granted?uh-huhyesabsolutelyaffirmativeagreedall rightamenassuredlyayebeyond a doubt70 more rows

What does transmit mean?

to send or forward, as to a recipient or destination; dispatch; convey. to communicate, as information or news. to pass or spread (disease, infection, etc.) to another.

What is another word for smell?

fragrancearoma.aura.balm.bouquet.incense.perfume.redolence.scent.More items…

What is another word for shared?

What is another word for shared?collaborativecollectivecommunalcompositeconcentratedconjointconjunctpooledsynergisticunited88 more rows