Quick Answer: What Is EPC Acra?

What is solvent exempt private companies?

Definition of solvent exempt private company An exempt private company can be a private company with less than 20 members, and does not have any corporations holding beneficial interest in its shares (whether directly or indirectly)..

Is XBRL filing mandatory?

Currently, only companies with corporate shareholders or insolvent exempt private companies are required to file the accounts in XBRL format. … To comply with annual filing requirements, they can then choose to hire the services of a corporate service provider.

When XBRL filing is mandatory?

The following companies are required to file AOC 4 XBRL (extensible business reporting language): All companies listed with any stock exchange in India and their Indian subsidiaries. All companies with a capital of 5 crores or above. All companies with a turnover of 100 crores or more.

Can a company give loan to LLP?

Yes, a private limited company can give loan to a partnership firm in India but the section 185 of Companies Act, 2013, restrict the company on giving loans, guarantee or provide security to Directors or any other person in whom Director is interested. … 1) Any Director of Lending Company. 2) Any Relative of Director.

What is the difference between exempt private company and private company?

A company with more than 20 shareholders but less than 50 shareholders is considered a “private company”. A company with more than 50 shareholders is considered a “public company”. A company with less than 20 shareholders with no legal entities as shareholders, is known as the “Exempt Private Company” (EPC).

Do small companies need to be audited?

While it is true that most small companies no longer require their financial statements to be audited under the Companies Act 2006, it would be wrong to conclude that just because a company qualifies – or appears to qualify – as a small company then no audit is required.

What companies need to be audited?

A company must have an audit if at any time in the financial year it has been:a public company (unless it’s dormant)a subsidiary company within a group which is not small.an authorised insurance company or carrying out insurance market activity.involved in banking or issuing e-money.More items…•

Can I prepare my own financial statements?

But with the help of computer software, you may be able to prepare your own financial statements. If you need to prepare financial statements for a third party, such as a banker, sometimes the third party may request that the financial statements be prepared by a professional accountant or certified public accountant.

Does section 185 apply to private companies?

As per Exemption notification issued by MCA on 05th June, 2015, Section 185 shall not applicable on Private Limited Companies, if It fulfil the conditions mentioned therein. Note: … They can freely give Loan/ Guarantee/ Security by complying with provisions of Section 186 and any other provisions of Companies Act, 2013.

What is Acra?

The purpose of ACRA is to provide a regulatory environment for businesses, public accountants & corporate service providers nationally. ACRA’s role is to monitor corporate compliance with disclosure requirements and regulation of public accountants performing statutory audit.

What does exempted company mean?

An exempted company may have a capital divided into shares of no par value, but may not have a capital divided into shares, some of which have a par value and some of which do not. An exempted company may not issue bearer shares. Share certificates need not be issued in respect of any shares.

What is turnover limit for audit?

A taxpayer is required to have a tax audit carried out if the sales, turnover or gross receipts of business exceed Rs 1 crore in the financial year. However, a taxpayer may be required to get their accounts audited in certain other circumstances.

Can a private company give loan to its directors?

In general no company whether private or public, can advance loan to its directors, if so it has to obtain special resolution. However certain specified private companies are exempted from this provision on satisfying certain conditions.

Is statutory audit compulsory for all companies?

All public and private limited companies have to undergo a statutory audit. Irrespective of the nature of the business or turnover, these companies are mandated to get their annual accounts audited each financial year.

Can a Pvt Ltd company give loan to outsiders?

In terms of accepting loans, a Private Limited company cannot acknowledge loans from outsiders. Furthermore, a Private Limited Company also cannot acknowledge credit from its investors. Notwithstanding, it could acknowledge credit from his directors.