Quick Answer: How Do You Value Compulsory Convertible Debentures?

Who can issue convertible debentures?


Investors benefit from interest payment and have the option to convert the loan into equity to participate in the growth of the company.


Convertible debentures are longterm debt instruments issued by a company that can be converted into equity shares of the company on a future date..

What happens when a convertible note matures?

Maturity Date: Convertible notes carry a maturity date, at which the notes are due and payable to the investors if they have not already converted to equity. … The most common method of conversion occurs when a subsequent equity investment exceeds a certain threshold. This is called a qualified financing.

Can private company issue debentures?

(b) Under Section 3(1)(d) of the Act, a Private Company is prohibited from accepting Deposit from persons other than its Directors, Members and their relatives. (c) Hence, the Private Company must issue Debentures only as a Secured Debenture.

Why are convertible bonds attractive to investors?

By this logic, the convertible bond allows the issuer to sell common stock indirectly at a price higher than the current price. From the buyer’s perspective, the convertible bond is attractive because it offers the opportunity to obtain the potentially large return associated with stocks, but with the safety of a bond.

Can optionally convertible debentures be listed?

Optionally Convertible Debentures (OCDs) and Optionally Convertible Preference Shares (OCPs) may be treated as debt and may comply with the provisions of SEBI (Issue and Listing of Debt Securities) Regulations, 2008, (“Debt Regulations”), as applicable.

Are convertible debentures a good investment?

A convertible debenture will usually return a lower interest rate since the debt holder has the option to convert the loan to stock, which is to the investors’ benefit. Investors are thus willing to accept a lower rate of interest in exchange for the embedded option to convert into common shares.

Why do companies issue convertible debentures?

Companies issue convertible bonds to lower the coupon rate on debt and to delay dilution. A bond’s conversion ratio determines how many shares an investor will get for it. Companies can force conversion of the bonds if the stock price is higher than if the bond were to be redeemed.

Is convertible debt a debt or equity?

A convertible note is short-term debt that converts into equity. In the context of a seed financing, the debt typically automatically converts into shares of preferred stock upon the closing of a Series A round of financing.

Can CCDs be redeemed?

NCDs are pure debt instruments. NCDs are very much like a bank loan, except in the way NCDs can be redeemed. … CCDs are hybrid instruments, in the sense that they can be treated as debt as well as equity.

What is compulsory convertible preference shares?

Compulsorily convertible preference shares are those that have to be converted into ordinary shares after a predetermined date. PE investors link the time of conversion to the company’s performance. This essentially means that the shares get converted only after the company achieves the promised growth.

What are compulsory convertible debentures?

Compulsorily Convertible Debentures (CCDs) are considered to be hybrid instruments / and equity linked instrument, i.e. they are treated as debt till the time they are converted into equity. When they are issued it is a debt, after a period of time / milestone, it shall be compulsorily converted into shares.

Can compulsorily convertible debentures be redeemed?

As per Section 71 of the Companies Act, 2013, the debentures issued by the company can be converted to shares partly, completely or at the redemption time.

How do you value a convertible bond?

At the time of issue of a convertible, the offering prospectus indicates the share price equivalent to the value of the bond at par. For example, if the share price is €50, then each convertible bond would represent 20 shares (par value of €1,000, divided by the conversion price of €50).

Is a debenture debt or equity?

A debenture is a type of debt instrument that is not backed by any collateral and usually has a term greater than 10 years. Debentures are backed only by the creditworthiness and reputation of the issuer. Both corporations and governments frequently issue debentures to raise capital or funds.

Why are convertible notes bad?

When convertible debt is used, there is a misalignment between investors and entrepreneurs. Founders want to use high valuation caps or worse, no valuation caps, and prolong the amount of time before conversion, so that investors get the short end of the stick.