Quick Answer: How Do I Get A Physical Share Certificate?

How do I transfer physical shares from father to son?

Transferor’s particulars should be filled and signed by your father, and Transferees’ Particulars should be filled and signed by you.

Once Form no.

SH-4 is completely filled you should send this form along with your father’a physical certificates, PAN card copy to the company’s Registrar and Transfer (R&T) agent..

How do I sell my physical shares?

With the help of this trading password and ID, users can trade (Buy or Sell) his/her shares anytime during trading hours, using a website of that broking firm. 5. After this, a user would require to ask for Dematerialisation Request Form (DRF) to change his/her physical shares into Demat format.

What do you do with a physical share certificate?

Next, you have to convert the physical shares certificate to demat. You will have to submit dematerialisation request form (DRF) for up to four share certificates if it is of the same company. In case of more certificates, you have to submit separate sets of DRFs for each company.

Are physical share certificates still valid?

According to Sebi, no transaction for transfer of securities of a listed company, at a stock exchange or an off-market transactions between buyers and sellers, can happen in physical certificate form. So, all shares held in physical after March 31 will become illiquid except for transmission and transposition.

How do you transfer shares in physical form?

For the purpose of transfer of shares held in physical form you have to execute a transfer deed and send the same along with the original share certificate to the registered office of the Company or our Registrars. The transfer deed can be obtained either from the Stock Exchange or broker.

How long does it take to receive a share certificate?

If you’re transferring shares electronically, this can take up to 6 weeks. If you’re sending us the physical certificate, it can take 1 – 2 weeks from receipt of the certificate to add the shares to your account.