Quick Answer: Are As Follows Or As Follow?

Is followed by meaning?


You use followed by to say what comes after something else in a list or ordered set of things..

Is as follows or as below?

They’re used in written texts to indicate something that is about to be explained in more detail, usually in the next paragraph or section. They are very similar in meaning, but if you use “as follows”, then the text you’re referring to should come immediately after it. With “as below”, that’s not quite so necessary.

Is it followed by or followed with?

It’s correct under certain circumstances. If follow is used as a passive verb, by is the preposition used + noun/noun phrase. If follow is an active verb, with is used + noun/noun phrase: The boxer downed his opponent using two moves.

Can a sentence start with following?

1 Answer. It is fine to use “the following” by itself. It takes the role of a noun in such usage. If you say “the following section”, then its role is an adjective.

When to use make or makes in a sentence?

Makes is used after a singular subject. E.g. She makes mistakes. Make is used after a plural subject. They make her realize the mistakes she made.

What is followed by and preceded by?

Both have opposite meaning. ‘Preceded by’ means something is going before the subject. ‘Followed by’ means something is following the subject.

What is the meaning of followed by key?

following. Explanation: “followed by” means that you enter the # key afterward. “following” would mean the other way around.

How do you use following in a sentence?

Following sentence examplesHe must have been following us. … Kyle said, following her into the kitchen. … Following a long drive that consisted of little more than two ruts worn by vehicle tires, they came to the Marsh ranch. … She looked back toward Andre’s apartment, surprised to see two dark forms on the ledge following her.More items…

When to use is VS are?

When deciding whether to use is or are, look at whether the noun is plural or singular. If the noun is singular, use is. If it is plural or there is more than one noun, use are. The cat is eating all of his food.

Is as follows meaning?

You use as follows in writing or speech to introduce something such as a list, description, or an explanation. The winners are as follows: E. Walker; R. Foster; R. Gates; A.

Do and does usage?

We use does and is with third person singular pronouns (he, she, it) and with singular noun forms. We use do and are with other personal pronouns (you, we they) and with plural noun forms. For the verb be, we need is or are as question words.

Is have singular or plural?

EXPLANATION of WORDS: Have is the root VERB and is generally used alongside the PRONOUNS I / You / We / Ye and They and PLURAL NOUNS. Generally, have is a PRESENT TENSE word. Has is used alongside the PRONOUNS He / She / It and Who and SINGULAR NOUNS.

Are as follows in sentence?

Regardless of the singular or plural subject matter that comes before, ‘as follows’ should be used. The rooms in my house are as follows: a kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom. The opinion of the boss is as follows: no weekend work.

What can I say instead of after?

What is another word for after that?afterlatersubsequentlyever sincenextthenceforthensuingfollowing thisconsequentlyfrom that day forward53 more rows

What is a fancy word for after?

In this page you can discover 42 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for after, like: next, later, following, afterwards, later-on, ulteriorly, afterward, subsequently, subsequent, after a while and posterior.