Question: Which Share Has Highest Face Value?

Why MRF share is so costly?

MRF is the most expensive stock in the Indian equity market, which costs Rs 54,488 for one share.

This is because MRF has never split its stock.

The reason behind this can be that as the price of the share is high, a retail trader with small investment won’t be willing to buy MRF shares..

Is it good to buy expensive stocks?

Buy low sell high. Same goes for expensive stocks, expensive doesn’t mean better. You should look for value rather than price if want to invest in long term. On other hand if by cheap stocks and expensive stock you mean penny stock and blue cheap stock, then it is smarter to invest in blue cheap stocks.

Can Apple stock reach $1000?

We believe Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) can reach $1,000 per share by 2020. Apple disclosed in its latest earnings call the supply chains were back up and running. So, with that said, the new iPhone will be on schedule for sale in the fall.

Which share is best to buy now?

HOT STOCKS – BEST STOCKS TO BUY TODAYComapny nameCREATE DATE/TIMELTP ChgUPL1/16/2020 12:47 PM505.65Sun Pharma.Inds.1/16/2020 12:47 PM506.90Kotak Mah. Bank1/16/2020 12:47 PM1305.05

Which company share is growing fast in India?

List of Fast Growing CompaniesSLNameBVG (5Y) %1Bajaj Finserv Ltd.23.072HDFC Bank Ltd.20.623Granules India Ltd.27.94Navin Fluorine Intern18.813 more rows

Is it good time to buy SBI shares?

SBI Share price today: People willing to invest in State Bank of India’s (SBI) shares should buy the stock in small quantities, technical analyst Nilesh Jain of Anand Rathi Securities recommends. He said that ideal levels for buying SBI shares is between Rs 185 – Rs 190 for a better risk-to-reward outcome.

Why are some stocks so cheap?

Companies try to avoid that by splitting their stock in order to increase their shareholder base. Since a stock split will effectively reduce the price of each share, a company’s stock trading at a low price might now seem more affordable for even smaller investors, resulting in increased liquidity of the stock.

Which share price is highest in India?

MRF (Rs 60,269) Currently, MRF has the highest share price in India among all the listed companies on BSE/NSE. The all-time high share price of MRF is Rs 81,426. The stock is currently trading at a standalone PE of 70.

Which share is best to buy tomorrow?

stocks to buy tomorrow intraday NSE. Stocks going UP tomorrowCompanyToday’s MovementTomorrow’s PredictionsSundaram Multi SUNDARAM Experts ViewBullishTomorrow’s PredictionsTips Industries TIPSINDLTD Experts ViewBullishTomorrow’s PredictionsTouchwood Entertain TOUCHWOOD Experts ViewBullishTomorrow’s Predictions7 more rows

What is blue chip stocks India?

Blue Chip companies refer to equity shares of companies with larger market capitalisation. … The term ‘Blue Chip’ originates from the round of poker where the blue colored chips are relatively more valuable. Similar to the game, these stocks which are more valuable in the market and hence are termed Blue Chip stocks.

Is RIL a good buy?

Market capitalisation of the firm stood at Rs 13,35,744 crore today. Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) stock is a favourite for the long term as well as short term investors, despite being overvalued. … With its strong franchises and partnerships, analysts too mostly give a ‘BUY’ rating to the stock.

Can a stock come back from zero?

Someone holding a long position (owns the stock) is, of course, hoping the investment will appreciate. A drop in price to zero means the investor loses his or her entire investment – a return of -100%. … To summarize, yes, a stock can lose its entire value.

Which company share is best?

Top Companies in India by Investments – BSESrCompanyInvestments1SBI Add to Watchlist Add to Portfolio1,046,954.522Reliance Add to Watchlist Add to Portfolio489,103.003HDFC Bank Add to Watchlist Add to Portfolio391,826.664Bank of Baroda Add to Watchlist Add to Portfolio

Can I buy Google shares in India?

I am sure you have thought about investing in Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google or Facebook, despite the fact that these companies are not listed on Indian stock exchange(s). Indian investors can still invest in them directly through mutual funds. … It is like investing in any other mutual fund in India.