Question: What Is The Meaning Of Not Limited To?

How do you use including but not limited to?

Therefore “including but not limited to” is redundant (unless you are a lawyer writing a contract).

Just use “including.” Comma use is subjective and in most, but not all cases is a style choice.

The only place in that sentence where commas are required is in the list at the end (running, jumping, and swimming)..

Is limited to meaning?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe limited to somethingbe limited to somethingto exist or happen only in a particular place, group, or area of activity The damage was limited to the roof.

What does Oxford comma mean?

a comma between the final items in a list, often preceding the word `and’ or `or’, such as the final comma in the list newspapers, magazines, and books.

What does without limitations mean?

: without being controlled or stopped : without being limited allowing costs to increase without limit.

Does a comma come after including?

Use a comma before “including” and “such as” when followed by a nonrestrictive, nonessential phrase or clause. The new policy applies to everyone, including faculty. … Do not use a comma when using a phrase like “as well as,” in which the clause is essential and restrictive.

What is a limited resource?

LIMITED RESOURCES: A basic condition of nature which means that the quantities of available labor, capital, land and entrepreneurship used for the production of goods and services are finite. It means that the economy has only so many resources that can be used AT ANY GIVEN TIME time to produce goods and services.

Does etc have a period?

Generally, in American English, if “etc.” is used in the middle of a sentence, it is followed by a comma. However, if the word “etc.” appears at the end of a sentence then the period (which is part of “etc.”) serves as the final punctuation mark.

What does the word Limited mean?

adjective. confined within limits; restricted or circumscribed: a limited space; limited resources. Government. restricted with reference to governing powers by limitations prescribed in laws and in a constitution, as in limited monarchy; limited government.

What’s another word for limited?

Limited Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for limited?narrowtightcrampedslenderrestrictedsmalltinyboundedhemmed incircumscribed42 more rows

What does TLDR stand for?

too longThat’s where TLDR comes from. It’s based off the Internet slang “tl;dr,” which stands for “too long; didn’t read.” The expression is often used for short summaries of long posts. (It is, admittedly, used less courteously, but we prefer when authors use it as a way to summarize longer posts.)

What is ETC short for?

Et cetera (English: /ɛtˈsɛtərə/, Latin: [ɛt ˈkeːtɛra]), abbreviated to etc., etc, et cet.,&c., or &c, is a Latin expression that is used in English to mean “and other similar things”, or “and so forth”.

How do you use etc?

Et means “and.” Cetera means “the rest.” The abbreviation of et cetera is etc. Use etc. when you begin a list that you will not complete; it indicates that there are other items in the list besides the ones you explicitly mention.

Is there a comma after including but not limited to?

What punctuation is required for “including but not limited to”? … No punctuation is required, but commas after including and to would work just fine; they may be helpful if the phrase introduces a long or complex list. Dashes would work as well.

What does ETC mean in a text?

et ceteraEtc. is an abbreviation for et cetera and is defined as meaning and so forth. An example of the usage of etc. is in the sentence, “Please purchase some fruit such as apples, oranges, etc.,” which means “Please purchase some fruit such as apples, oranges and more.”

Are as follow or follows?

‘As follows’ or ‘as follow’ may be confusing because no matter what comes before, whether it’s singular (it), one of something, or plural (they), two or more of something, the correct usage is ‘as follows.

How do you use including in a sentence?

Including sentence examplesWas he including himself in that statement? … He was wearing a hoodie and dressed in black, including gloves. … The smile broadened, including the dimple. … Dean gave Winston the information, including both names, Cleary and Corbin. … About twenty people were present, including Dolokhov and Denisov.More items…

What means time limited?

time limit – a time period within which something must be done or completed.

How do you use limited in a sentence?

Limited sentence examplesAfter a few hours of limited rest, they were back in the saddle again. … Their time was limited if they were to visit the disputed property. … He must sense you’re limited to observing what happens. … The road was rough but not limited to four-wheel drive vehicles like the mountain Jeep roads to the south.More items…

Does including mean including but not limited to?

What’s the origin of the phrase ‘Including, but not limited to’? The expression “including, but not limited to” arose and is usually used in legal or other official contexts. … In essence the phrase is used to mean “including ‘these important things’, but also including ‘all the other things I can’t think of right now’.

What is difference between Private Limited and Limited Company?

A public limited company is a company listed on a recognized stock exchange and the stocks are traded publicly. On the other hand, a private limited company is neither listed on the stock exchange nor are they traded. It is privately held by its members only.

What does IE mean?

exempli gratiaI.e. and e.g. are both Latin abbreviations. E.g. stands for exempli gratia and means “for example.” I.e. is the abbreviation for id est and means “in other words.” Remember that E is for example (e.g.) and that I and E are the first letters of in essence, an alternative English translation of i.e.