Question: What Is A Fancy Word For Easy?

What immensely means?

: to a very great or immense degree or extent : exceedingly, enormously We enjoyed ourselves immensely..

How do you say easy to use?

Synonyms forconvenient.foolproof.handy.accessible.adaptable.feasible.manageable.practical.

What is another word for very easy?

What is another word for very easy?easy as pieduck soupeasy as can belike falling off a loglike shooting fish in a barrellike stealing candy from a babyno sweatsimplesimple as ABC1 more row

What does tranquil mean?

free from commotion or tumult; peaceful; quiet; calm: a tranquil country place. free from or unaffected by disturbing emotions; unagitated; serene; placid: a tranquil life.

What’s a big word for excellent?

What is another word for excellent?exceptionalbrilliantmarvellousUKmarvelousUSsplendidsuperbwonderfulaccomplishedenviablefirst-rate221 more rows

What is the word very?

This word is categorized as an adverb if it is used to modify a verb, an adjective, or another adverb in a particular sentence. … For instance, in the sample sentence below: She worked very quickly. The word “very” is considered as an adverb because it modifies another adverb “quickly.”

How do you describe someone who is easy to talk to?

A person who is easy to talk to and is approachable is- ‘affable’. Affable is an adjective. Source- English Oxford Dictionary and internet search. The word is derived from the latin word-“affābilis”.

What is another word for worked with?

What is another word for worked with?cooperateteam upcofunctioncome togethercoproduceleaguejoin forcesjoin upwork jointlywork together75 more rows

What is a another word for easy?

What is another word for easy?effortlesssimpleelementaryobviousquickrudimentalattainablefacilemindlesssmooth121 more rows

What is a word for easy to work with?

A congenial person is easy to get along with.

What is another word for very?

What is another word for very?awfullydecidedlyexcessivelyextremelyincrediblynoticeablyratherreallyremarkablyseriously228 more rows