Question: Is Solo Short For Something?

Is Solo informal?


an announcement, commercial offering, etc., made to only one person or a selected group of such persons: Each month the firm sends a solo to its best customers..

What is the solo?

In music, a solo (from the Italian: solo, meaning alone) is a piece or a section of a piece played or sung featuring a single performer, who may be performing completely alone or supported by an accompanying instrument such as a piano or organ, a continuo group (in Baroque music), or the rest of a choir, orchestra, …

Is solitarily a word?

sol·i·tar·y adj. 1. Existing, living, or going without others; alone: a solitary traveler.

What does performing solo mean?

A solo performance, sometimes referred to as a one-man show or one-woman show, features a single person telling a story for an audience, typically for the purpose of entertainment.

Is single handedly a word?

Single-handedly is the adverb form of the adjective single–handed, which is used to describe something done by one person, as with a single-handed attempt.

What does Dolo mean?

Put simply, dolo is “solo,” e.g., I’m rolling dolo into the club, or going alone as opposed to with friends. Dolo can also mean “secretly” or, to use another slang expression, on the down low.

What does Soli mean in English?

1. a combining form meaning “alone,” “solitary,” used in the formation of compound words: solifidian.

What is the opposite word of Solo?

Antonyms for solo attended, next door, communicating, coupled, adjoining, contiguous, linked, neighboring, adjacent, connected, attached.

What does a soliloquy mean?

To be or not to bean utterance or discourse by a person who is talking to himself or herself or is disregardful of or oblivious to any hearers present (often used as a device in drama to disclose a character’s innermost thoughts): Hamlet’s soliloquy begins with “To be or not to be.” the act of talking while or as if alone.

Is Solo an acronym?

Have you ever seen a real English rustic perform a solo dance? “He craves dreadfully to come into the cabin, and has as good as asked me as much to my face; but I put him off with unsartain answers, so that he is no wiser than Solo mon….SOLO.AcronymDefinitionSOLOStatus Of Logistics Offensive8 more rows

What is another word for solo?

What is another word for solo?unaccompaniedlonelyindividualstagunaidedunassistedunmarriedwithout companionsin solitaryin a solitary state110 more rows

What is the full form of solo?

Standalone Option For Learning Opportunity. Community » Educational. Rate it: SOLO. Standard Of Living Outcome.

What does solo mean in slang?

SOLO — Sexual Offence Liaison Officers. SOLO — Status Of Logistics Offensive.

What does solo Yolo mean?

you only live onceFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. YOLO is the acronym of the phrase “you only live once”.