Question: Is Axis Liquid Fund Safe?

Is it right time to invest in liquid funds?

The interest rate of liquid mutual funds is the lowest among all short-term investments due to low maturity period.

No entry and exit loads are applicable.

Liquid funds are a perfect solution for investors who wish to park their idle cash for a short duration without the risk of Capital Loss..

Is Axis Bluechip Fund a good investment?

The fund currently has an Asset Under Management(AUM) of ₹17,270 Cr and the Latest NAV as of is ₹35.93. The Axis Bluechip Fund Direct Plan Growth is rated Moderately High risk….Fund NameReturns 3YCanara Robeco Bluechip Equity Fund5star10.4%Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund5star5.7%Axis Bluechip Fund5star11.5%2 more rows

Which liquid fund is best?

Top 10 Liquid Mutual FundsFund NameCategory1Y ReturnsTata Liquid FundDebt4.8%Axis Liquid FundDebt4.7%ICICI Prudential Overnight FundLiquid3.7%Aditya Birla Sun Life Overnight FundLiquid3.7%12 more rows

Can I lose money in liquid funds?

Since a liquid fund invests only in short term securities, it’s market value does not respond much when interest rates change in the market. This means that liquid funds do not have significant capital gains or losses. … In market jargon, we say that liquid funds have a very low-interest rate risk.

What are the liquid funds?

Definition: Liquid funds are a type of mutual funds that invest in securities with a residual maturity of up to 91 days. Assets invested are not tied up for a long time as liquid funds do not have a lock-in period. … An investor looking for better returns prefers investing in a liquid fund over fixed deposit.

How do you put money in a liquid fund?

These funds offer a safe and secure option for parking surplus funds or to set aside an emergency fund.Amount. An investment in a liquid fund can be made with a minimum application amount as indicated in the scheme information.Form. … KYC. … Cut off timings. … Liquidity. … Taxation. … Points to note.

What is difference between liquid fund and debt fund?

Debt funds refer to the category of mutual funds that invest in a pool of debt oriented or fixed income securities. … Liquid funds on the other hand are essentially a subset of debt funds. These funds invest in securities that have a maturity profile of a maximum of 91 days.

Are liquid funds risk free?

Liquid funds carry no credit risk, no liquidity risk.

Are liquid funds better than FD?

Liquid funds invest in fixed-income instruments and endeavor to offer capital protection and liquidity to investors. Hence, they invest in high-quality instruments only. This makes them safer than other mutual funds. … While these funds don’t assure any returns, they tend to offer better returns than FDs.

Where should I put my emergency money?

4 Places to Keep Your Emergency FundHigh-yield bank accounts. Sunny skies are the right time to save for a rainy day. … Money market accounts. When deciding where to invest your emergency fund, don’t forget about money market accounts. … Certificates of deposit (CDs) … Roth IRA.

Is Axis Bluechip fund good?

Axis Bluechip Fund has a moderately high risk. It has good long term returns. If you are an aggressive investor and looking for good returns over the long term, you can choose the scheme. You can visit Axis Mutual Fund investment platforms and start investing in this scheme through SIP or lumpsum.

Can I invest lump sum in liquid funds?

Invest the lump sum in a liquid fund. Then start a Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) from the debt fund to an equity fund. Your corpus will not only earn higher returns than a savings bank account, but it will also allow systematic investment.

Are liquid funds safe now?

Although liquid funds are not entirely risk-free, however, they are low risk-low returns instruments. As they invest predominantly in debt instruments, they are subject to interest rate risk and credit risk.

How do I buy liquid fund?

A KYC form needs to be filled up and documents (address and IDproof) should be submitted, with originals for this purpose. A liquid fund is a mutual fund scheme that invests in money market securities with a low maturity period of 91 days or less.

How is Axis Blue Chip Fund?

The Scheme is an open-ended equity scheme predominantly investing in large cap stock. The investment objective of the Scheme is to achieve long term capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio predominantly consisting of equity and equity related securities of Large Cap companies including derivatives.

How is Axis Liquid Fund?

Axis Liquid Fund invests primarily in money market instruments such as certificate of deposits (CoD), treasury bills, commercial papers etc. One should look at Axis Liquid Fund to park one’s idle money or very short term money. Highly liquid and low risk investment option for investors.

Is Axis Mutual Fund Safe?

Axis mutual fund claims that the reason for it to reach the peak of success is because of the three principles they follow strictly, which is, long-term wealth creation, customer’s view and long-term relationship….Top 10 Axis Mutual Funds.Fund NameAxis Liquid FundCategoryDebtRiskLow1Y Returns4.7%Rating4star15 more columns