Question: How Much Is A Wimbledon Debenture Ticket?

How much do Wimbledon tickets cost?

Wimbledon, the world’s oldest and most revered tennis tournament, can also be one of the priciest.

A guaranteed ticket to see the big names play on Centre Court can cost anywhere from several hundreds to more than £5,000 (about $6,300).

But there are ways to get affordable, and incredible, seats..

How do I buy Wimbledon debenture tickets?

If you’ve missed the public ballot and don’t want to risk queuing for tickets on the day, you can purchase Wimbledon tickets directly from registered debenture holders through

How do Wimbledon debentures work?

The money raised from debenture issues fund projects around the Grounds to maintain Wimbledon as the premier Grand Slam. Debentures are issued for Centre Court and No. 1 Court for a five-year term. Debentures are freely transferable and can be bought and sold via a stockbroker or privately.

What is a Wimbledon Debenture ticket?

Debenture Tickets are the only legally transferable ticket for Wimbledon. Every 5 years the AELTC issues a series of Debentures which are available to purchase. A Debenture entitles the holder to receive a ticket for each day of the tournament.