Question: How Do You Do An Account?

When your child turns 13 (or the applicable age in your country), they have the option to graduate to a normal Google Account.

Before a child turns 13, parents will get an email letting them know their child will be eligible to take charge of their account on their birthday, so you can no longer manage their account..

How can I create a free email account?

Follow the steps below to create email account at for free:Click on the Free Sign Up Button.Enter all mandatory fields (First Name, Last Name, Gender, etc.)Type in your desired Email Address out of our huge selection of 200 available domains (e.g.,,, etc.)More items…

How can I make an account?

How to set up a Google Account on your Android phoneOpen the Settings app.Scroll down to Accounts.Tap Add account.Tap Google. Source: Ara Wagoner / Android Central.Tap Create account.Type in the name associated with the account. … Tap Next.Enter the birthdate associated with the account.More items…•

What are the steps to create a new account?

How to Create an AccountStepAction1Go to the Welcome screen of STEP, (See Figure 2-1)2Click on the Create Account link.3From the Create Account screen, select the Organization Account type. (See Figure 2-2)4Enter your desired user ID, password, security question and answer in the Start Screen.4 more rows

Is a Google account the same as a YouTube account?

You need a Google Account to sign into YouTube. A Google Account works across all Google products (like Gmail, Blogger, Maps, YouTube, and more). If you’ve signed into any of these products before, you already have a Google Account. … If you don’t have a Google Account, you can create one on YouTube.

Can I have 2 Gmail accounts?

For Android devices Start by opening your Gmail app and then tap on your profile picture or icon in the top right corner. Then, from the menu that pops up, select the Add Another Account option. Then choose the type of account (AKA the email client) you want to add.

What is the minimum age to open a Gmail account?

But, remember, Google accounts are not for kids. Not yet. You have to be 13 or older to have one, YouTube, Google+ and Gmail included. Riiiight.

How do I create a new email account?

To create an email account:Log in to the control panel.Click on the Email tile to go to mail administration.Scroll down and click New account.Enter the new email address that you want to create, and a password for the email account.Click Create account.

How do I create a Gmail account for my child under 13?

Follow these steps to create a Google Account for your child under 13 (or the applicable age in your country) when you’re setting up a new device running Android 5.1 or up….Create an accountOpen the Family Link app. … In the top right, tap Create .Follow the instructions on screen to create the account.More items…

How do I create a Gmail account without a phone number?

Gmail – Google will let you create an account, and skip the part about entering a phone number, although you must provide birthday and “Create account“Follow steps (and skip phone number)Then, agree to Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

What is the best free email account?

12 Best Free Email Service Providers (2020 Update)1) Gmail.2) ProtonMail.3) Outlook.5) iCloud Mail.6) Yahoo! Mail.7) AOL Mail.8) GMX.9) Yandex.More items…•