Omar Stanley Bailey is a Design Entrepreneur based in New York City who works with corporations, small businesses, and individuals by listening to their needs and ideas in order to create design solutions.

Bailey began his career pursuit by cultivating his skills as an Industrial Design student at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. Shortly thereafter, Bailey transferred to the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning at the University of Cincinnati after hearing of its cooperative learning program enabling students to gain valuable and practical work experience as a part of the college curriculum. Once tenured, Omar received the opportunity to design footwear and products for New Balance, K-Swiss, and Hewlett Packard just to name a few. In the years that followed, Bailey designed footwear and products for top-tier clients in athletics such as Nike and Adidas. His client roster continues to expand and include a host of athletes and entertainers such as Allan Houston, Gary Sheffield, Quest Love (of the roots), Jose Bautista, Terry Cruz and Jay-Z. In working with each individual client, Bailey seeks to understand their vision and transform their thoughts into functional products by integrating his “Bright Ideas.” 

Founded in 2006, Bright Idea Design Studios, Inc. was established under the sole direction of Bailey. As a young designer and entrepreneur, Bailey believes in building viable community partnerships and giving back by sharing his knowledge, expertise, and experience while he and his ventures continue to expand. He believes that by sharing this information (especially with our youth) it is an investment into the future. His message to the youth revolves around excellence and practice as he believes that it is essential for all people to have the courage to fail while maintaining a strong desire to succeed. With a strong belief that a little bit of drive combined with an ounce of determination and the ability to commit to your dream, Omar Stanley Bailey has used these thoughts as his daily recipe for success. While many believe Bailey has accomplished a great deal of his dreams, he continues to set new goals and dream bigger while creating new Bright Ideas.

My Story...

“ Growing up as a kid,
All I did was sketch sneakers”

I went to a very unique art high school in West Palm Beach Florida where I was able to grow as an artist and hone my craft, and although my teachers did not know much about footwear design, they continued to encourage me to educate myself about footwear design and to pursue my educational path towards my footwear goals.

My mother and father are both Jamaican immigrants and my family was always very encouraging, but just like my teachers they did not know much about footwear. Strangely enough I came to find out that my father was a shoemaker as a young child in order to make some extra money growing up on the island. 

After high school, I went to a small design school in Detroit Michigan; the Center for Creative Studies, where I studied Industrial Design which I later learned was the vehicle to becoming a footwear designer. Two years later I transferred to the University of Cincinnati where I was able to further my development as a designer through their cooperative learning program. Through UC I had opportunities to intern for brands such as New Balance, K-Swiss, and Adidas designing footwear for the US market.

Most people do not know this but I actually did not finish college. Due to financial reasons and other things beyond my control, I was unable to complete my final quarter of college. However, that did not stop me from starting my own footwear design consulting company, Bright Idea Design Studios in 2006. I was able to use the skills taught to me to help others who envisioned their own shoe designs and dreams of a shoe business. 

Since 2006, I have traveled to China more than 30 times, which is a country one should travel to and understand if you want to be in the “business of shoes.” In the early years of traveling to China, I was under the wing of a mentor by the name of Steve Francis. Steve showed me the ropes of how business was conducted in China and as a result I was able to build a network of friends and colleagues within the shoe business of which many of them I still work with to this day. The shoe business is tough and you never stop learning. You have to be passionate, committed, and driven to get results that would not be possible without the support of friends and family along with a little luck. Anything is possible, you just have to believe and fight like hell everyday... 

Bright Ideas