The Leni is a classic lace-up with a little splash of honey. Featuring a show stopping toe cap that can be made of exotic stingray, patent leather or something more suddle this shoe is guaranteed to make you feel like your on center stage. So wither you’re a young professional or a seasoned executive this is a timeless style that can be worn at any occasion.


The Milazzo loafer is a modern take on a classic style. By adding a leather fringe with a touch of gold metallic my intention was to maintain the meaning of a slip-on while giving this silhouette a jolt of electricity. Wither your hanging out on the boat or walking through the city, this is a shoe that every man should have in his closet.


The Milazzo Chukka is a unique style combining the class of the loafer with the toughness of a sneaker. From the overall shape of this style to the uniquely designed pull-tab on the back, this style really stands out on its own. I personally love this style because you really can dress it all the way up or tone it all the way down, but either way this shoe will defiantly be the center of attention.