Firma (Translates to Signature)

The Tyndaris is the signature sneaker of the Omar Bailey collection and will always have a new and fresh look from season to season. From the sole to its iconic design silhouette, this shoe was created from the ground up with style in mind. The custom designed sole is a fresh twist on the classic cup sneaker sole, while the upper stands alone with its suddle yet classy details.

Orgin of Tyndaris

The name Tyndaris comes from a small town that sits high in the mountains on Sicily’s north coast. Having the pleasure to visit this region of Italy I was inspired by the Sicilian history and pride, which these people of Sicilia are proud of.

Classico (Translates to Classic)

The Classico collection represents those who respect the future while paying homage to the past. By taking classic silhouettes such as a slip-on, cap toe low top and a chukka we wanted to bring something new and excited to these silhouettes that we all have grown up with. We decided to express this emotion by incorporating fun materials such as sting ray, velvet, and pythons and combining them with seasonal colors make for the perfect combination of classic and modern.

Orgin of Milazzo

The gateway to the Aioli islands, The Milazzo represents the relaxation you experience in route to secluded beaches, local cuisine and active volcano’s within eyes reach spuing neo red lava that lights up the night sky.

Orgin of Leni

Located on the island of Salina off the northern coast of Sicily, Leni is a small village town tucked away in the center of the island. Follow the windy roads through an oasis of foliage and vegetation while taking in the fresh air and scenery. You will defiantly wish that you were frozen in time.

Deportes (Translates to Sport)

Performance Luxury is the best way I like to describe the deportes collection. Combing a light weight performance sole with high end leathers the deportes collection is perfect for the person who is always on the go but wants to look great in the process. We designed this shoe from the inside out by incorporating high performance lining materials that keep your feet cool and added a molded pouron insole lined with lamb suede. The upper is also made from the best leather hides we could find in the Italian and Brazilian plains, that comes in many different finishes from glazed, to matte, or rubberized. Lastly, the EVA outsole is what seals the deal. The colors are vibrate, the design is great, and its extremely lightweight and comfortable. Wither your traveling across town or around the world this may be final piece to your puzzle.

Orgin of Oliveri

Known for its scenic coastline and natural sea bay, Oliveri is a quite town that was once a bustling fishing village. Today the locals and the occasional visitor can appreciate the beauty of this amazing village by taking a short hike up mount Tyndari where stunning views of the sea await you.